Just adding a few for now …. 10/2/16


American Girl – Buzzfeed, Sept. 30, 2016
Balanced and thoughtful article by Azeen Ghorayshi centered around the complex issue of “intervention” for kids who are not “gender conforming”.

PBS Frontline- Growing Up Trans
One of the best things I have seen on TV about this issue.  Does a pretty good job of laying out the issues in a way that I think a lot of people (even those who have strong opinions on the subject) may sometimes not be mindful of.


Third Way Trans
I always appreciate the insight and commentary from this blogger, who states he is a detransitioned former MTF.

Miriam Afloat – A Retransitioners Diary
Really important firsthand accounts of what the journey is like from one person’s perspective (former MTF). Always opinionated and always interesting to read. Not updated recently but Miriam is still definitely out there in other places.