My Slides from USPATH panel on Detransitioning

Here is a 30 minute video of me talking through my slides as a primer for clinicians based on my perspective on some things I believe it would be helpful for clinicians to be mindful of when working with clients interested in detransition. As I say in the video, this is only my “slice” from my own perspective and there are many other important ideas and suggestions (in some cases contradictory from mine) from others who need to be listened to. I will append transcription to this post when I can.  A lot of this is really basic stuff and if you had been reading this blog when it had a lot more of my content there is not much new here.



  1. REtransition says

    This post finally got a comment, but I am not going to approve it. Any comment that concludes with “GayScam’s days are numbered” is not really the kind of thing I want on my site. I am not going to include the links Sharon Kass provided either. They have no place here, now or ever.

    • REtransition says

      For anyone interested in seeing some discussion on this though, there has been a robust discussion on the WPATH facebook page. Also just a quick note, I didn’t reply to all of the comments on the last post because for some of them all I really had to contribute was “well said” or basically “right on” and that felt silly. I think some people said some really important stuff so please have a look.

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