Not really sure why we need more boxes to try to stuff people in but congrats … cisgender is now officially a thing. Oh I just can’t tell you the warm fuzzies I feel when I get called this by trans activists (and, yes, I really do get called this by some trans activists) … which plays like a really insensitive attempt to invalidate the nearly half century of my struggling through a gendered world just because I have come to conclusion that I actually do believe that I was “assigned” the correct birth “gender”. Nah … I am “cis” and I will never be able to fully understand the unique struggles of “trans” people. (Note: The last few days I have been feeling good about getting called “sir” a lot lately but my streak came to an end today when I was greeted by a “Can I help you find anything today ma’am” at my local Staples.)

I still think this piece by Glosswitch was my favorite thing written on this … even though it is coming from a female perspective (which of course is not my experience) it really shows how absurd this whole business really is in a way that anyone can understand … no matter how or what they were “assigned” (or not assigned) as at birth.