Article About Me and Third Way Trans by Tracy Clark-Flory

Over the past couple of years that I have been blogging I get small but fairly consistent stream of interview requests for potential stories about retransitioning. Some of these have come from some pretty big names in the news business.  I pretty much always agree to do an interview and supposedly some stories have been written but, maybe not so surprisingly, none of them have yet appeared (although a few may still be “in the pipeline.) My media losing streak ended  today when Tracy Clark-Flory published a piece on the subject of MTF retransition featuring myself and ThirdwayTrans.

Tracy reached out to me last week and I had a quick chat with her before heading out the door to catch Cheap Trick at the San Diego County Fair (somehow I had never seen them before.)  I thumb emailed a few more answers to follow-up questions during the show (Peter Frampton was also on the bill and that was my … ahem … email time) and a clarified a few more things throughout the week and tada … she actually published this week, just as promised.  So congrats Tracy for actually doing what so many before you have not done.

I’ll have more to say about it soon (I am on a roll folks … catch me while you can – I’ll be here all week *snark*). This is not entirely easy.  In fact it is really fucking scary opening up about such personal stuff and I had a really pensive and anxious weekend.  I still feel some of that but I’ll talk more on all that later.  For now I’ll say I think Tracy did a nice job of showing how this subject can be talked about in a way that is respectful to all.  Please check it out … I have a feeling that not very many people are going to read this.



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  1. says

    Gregory- Everyone has their own approach, their own strategy, and their own style to what they are trying to do. I don’t understand why you keep commenting to tell Joel he is “doing it wrong”. I mean, I can understand you making the comment but I don’t understand the making it over and over and over again.

    JOEL DISAGREES WITH YOU. He has his own priorities and approach. His contribution to public discussion may not be what you want but it’s still pretty interesting, isn’t it? I disagree with Joel on many many things and wouldn’t hesitate to tell him. Once. Maybe twice. But not on and on like a bludgeon.

    I actually agree with you Gregory. Someone should be ringing the alarm bells. But Joel is Joel and he has his own way and I for one am very interested to hear about it. One person does not a movement make, and no one blogger or activist can please everyone. That is too much to expect of anyone. Joel is not the person to sound the alarms. That is not his way!

    There are feminists that I have, and still do, work with whose strategies I disagree with. I would never do things the way they do. But they have to do it their own way and follow their own judgement. Pretty silly of them, I know, when they could be listening to me instead. 😛

    It will take all of us, all strategies, methods and perspectives, to make change. Our goals may differ in some ways and in others intersect but it will take all hands on deck to steer a new course.

    *Joel- trash this comment if you want, no problem.

    Congrats on the article. Good work. Be well.

  2. Gregory Smith says

    “Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything.” Alexander Hamilton

    I had to ask myself, “what is my problem with Joel?” And the above linked article answered all my questions. Your site, devoted to retransition/detransition, continues to skirt the true issues, hides behind the Kinks, dead cats and baseball players, fears to insult those which choose a pronoun opposite their birth genders, gives personal freedom to rearrange their bodies; and continues on every level to take a stand. Taking a stand Joel, does not mean you side with the Evangelical idiots of the World, which tell us Trans people we will burn in Hell if we follow the Trans narrative; but, simply needs to give voice to our experience that transitioning solved nothing. We are still Men, minus some very important pieces of our bodies. Tell people, that SRS stole our dignity, the surgeons and therapists profited, we lost family and friends and jobs for nothing Joel. Let others that are on the Trans bandwagon, who now see Bruce Jenner as their shining example hear from us. Trans people need to hear, that many others are also gender dysphoric (that doesn’t make you special,) others fantasize about being the opposite gender, that others tuck their penis and crossdress; but, this is not a sign that we are the opposite gender or we were supposed to be born with different genitalia. As “TWT” indicates, this is nothing more than various shades of human sexuality; not, to be confused as a gender identity crisis, to therefore seek out cross gendered hormones, and medical intervention. Tell the people out their Joel, that no amount of hormones and surgery will make them the opposite gender. Please, tell Bruce Jenner before it’s too late, and he too has to detransition when reality smacks him in the face, minus a now inverted penis; speak the truth Joel. Just for once, take a “fucking” stand Joel. Your not honoring your therapist, that was maliciously murdered by a hiding behind Cheap Trick. The Middle Way in this case, is no way and no way to live.