The Other Side of Summer

So I bailed on this site for summer a few weeks ago and just realized the only contact info I left had a typo in it … I guess I was in a hurry to get out! So if you wrote to me sorry for the bounce.   I am at …. for reals this time.

(If you are new to this site little of this will make sense…)

As I have been saying, what is left of this site is going to be devoted to sharing a few resources for people interested in detransition/retransition and shining a light on things that are going on that I think are important.   I am going to start posting some stuff this week. I guess I may have a few things to say here and there as well.

I have to admit that I haven’t been thinking too much about trans stuff for the past few months.  It has been nice (and probably necessary in my case) to take a break, both from dwelling on the incredibly important issues surrounding trans right now and also from having it front and center in my mind on a personal level. Even as recently as late last year, this baggage was such a big part of my identity.  Now I can go weeks without talking about it to anyone.  Maybe it is a matter of gaining confidence. In the past I almost felt like, through the process of my detransition, I almost had to mention it as a disclaimer about myself.  My past is not a secret. (It never can be.) But it is not something I feel I have to wear around my neck as some kind of albatross. When I started this blog I never saw myself EVER getting to that point.

With my final year of my graduate program (where I am seeking a Masters in Social Work) about to start I am going to dive into this a bit more again. I believe that many people presenting with gender dysphoria continue to have treatment of their basic mental health issues neglected, so most of my time will be to serve clients and continue to improve my skills as a clinician rather than as an active blogger. Still, as crashchaoscats wrote in an on-point rebuttal to yet another trans activist writing their spin about detransitioning, it is important that the voices of actual detransitioners start being heard unfiltered.  So I will speak out when I can (maybe not here that often … but I will be out there if you look for me.)