My Slides from USPATH panel on Detransitioning

Here is a 30 minute video of me talking through my slides as a primer for clinicians based on my perspective on some things I believe it would be helpful for clinicians to be mindful of when working with clients interested in detransition. As I say in the video, this is only my “slice” from my own perspective and there are many other important ideas and suggestions (in some cases contradictory from mine) from others who need to be listened to. I will append transcription to this post when I can.  A lot of this is really basic stuff and if you had been reading this blog when it had a lot more of my content there is not much new here.


Quarterly Report

I got a text from a friend the other day saying "I know you are busy and I hate to ask -but can you set up a blog for me".  Although I used to do this a lot for people, my friend actually really needs a blog (to keep his friends and family posted … [Continue reading]

Remarks from San Diego TDoR

As I mentioned,  the highlight for me of attending the San Diego event marking the TDoR was hearing the remarks made at the opening by Connor Maddocks, who runs The Center's Trans services.  I have known Connor for years and I have a lot of respect … [Continue reading]



Not really sure why we need more boxes to try to stuff people in but congrats ... cisgender is now officially a thing. Oh I just can't tell you the warm fuzzies I feel when I get called this by trans activists (and, yes, I really do get called this … [Continue reading]