Website Status

Thanks for the emails and even a few comments that somehow got posted. (I will reply to the comments by email where possible when I have time.)   I just wanted to quickly give an update on my plans for this site.  I am not going to take EVERYTHING down … especially some of the comments from others and guest posts I want to leave in place and I do want to leave some breadcrumbs for those considering this path or curious about it.

I have been busy with some other things so I still haven’t figured out what exactly will happen here.  I will decide over the next month.

I want to end this update with a link to a  post of mine from 2014 that is important to me which I dedicate to my father Michael Nowak:  11/17/31 – 4/14/16.



Signing Off For Now

So anyway I wanted to post something before my spring break was over and here goes.  I know my last post might have seemed a bit pointless and self-indulgent, but it was meant as part one of what I wanted to say in tonight's post.   I have decided to … [Continue reading]

Gone, Gone, Gone

Someone emailed me last weekend asking if I was ok after seeing the temporary "stripped down" format of this site. I also got a similar text last night so I decided to restore most of the site for now and just comment quickly that it has been a bit … [Continue reading]

Leave of absence

I did want to write this. I should've written it a few weeks ago but the situation for me is been a bit fluid. As you can see I'm not been around which is nothing new really… I do have a few extended hiatuses  in my past here on this blog. This time … [Continue reading]

Happy New Year

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year's and a great 2016.  Looking back on it this has been a pretty eventful year for me just in terms of a lot of personal stuff.  It was a mix of good things and some bad things but at least my life once … [Continue reading]

A few random thoughts

I am in finals at school right now so not much time for this blog until next week. I did want to share a few really quick things.  First of all, something kind of funny  So here is the backstory ... I took time off from my study schedule to attend a … [Continue reading]