We Need A “Standards of Care” for Detransitioners

One of my biggest takeaways from attending the recent USPATH conference is that many clinicians and other providers sincerely want more information on understanding the needs of detransitioners and are looking for resources to support best practices in supporting this population.  More and more clinicians are working with detransitioners and are finding out in real time ways to support their individual clients. Additionally, many detransitioners are undertaking this journey on their own either due to their mistrust of providers or due to the difficulties in finding competent providers who can assist them with this process.  It would be helpful if there was a document that functions much like WPATH’s Standards of Care, that puts forth some of the emerging best practices when working with this population.  Are there others out there interested in collaborating with me on working on such a project?

I am looking to get input from not just detransitoners, but also Trans men and women and Trans and non Trans clinicians that work with the Trans community. Ideally a small core of people that is representative of above would also form an informal workgroup. The format would be similar to WPATH’s but shorter, and cover key topics such as mental health care, medical issues, legal issues, adjustment issues (for the individual and their family and loved ones) and a look at research in terms of what we know and what we need to know. The goal is to be peer reviewed.

If the only thing I accomplish is to help contribute to the growing impetus to create such standards, I will be equally happy if there are others who are better positioned than myself to pick this up and run with it.  I do know that there are others who are working with detransitioners. It would be helpful if emerging best practices could be shared.  Also, beyond psychosocial issues which I believe are the most important to address, medical and legal issues ideally need at least cursory attention (i.e. how detransition impacts HRT, surgical options, insurance, documentation etc.)

If you know of anyone who I might reach out to (I have a few ideas) I would really appreciate letting me know or passing along my info to them. I can be reached at j@dotb.be


Joel Nowak


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